Karen Deicas DePodesta was born and raised in Mexico City, but completed high school, Bachelor’s and Masters in the United States. She lived, worked and traveled through more than 20 countries and today live-streams in San Diego, California.

Artist Statement​

I paint believing that the act of creating and one's reaction to art should ne near subconscious perceptions causing ones instincts to come alive. The movement of my body and the subtle rhythm of shifting forms of color lead the way as I use different sensations of light and patchwork to allow the elements on the canvas to dialogue with one another. I tend to abandon easily recognizable imagery for the sake of exploration and expression. Instead, I balance emotion and reason through the juxtaposition of chaos and order, accentuated at times by the direction of the light. I do not title my paintings, preferring to let the immediacy of the emotion or thought evoked by the painting be my communication to the viewer. My work's meaning is indivisible from the viewer's reaction.